Sports Performance Sprint Faster, Jump Higher, and Hit Harder


We provide strength and conditioning services for athletes looking to enhance their performance through a structured program based on science and personal experience.  Power, agility, speed, strength, and stamina…we will push you to your max to get you ready for your next big game or event.  On-line personalized training plans/coaching and one-on-one or small group training sessions are available

We have experience coaching a wide range of athletes including: volleyball players, golfers, mountain climbers, basketball players, football players,  tennis players, surfers, shot putters, swimmers, runners, triathletes.



Included in your coaching program:

  • Complimentary in-person initial consultation to discuss your goals, current training, past injury history, life commitments, and athletic background (Skype or phone can be used for out of town clients)
  • Detailed workouts written for you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Premium account on Trainingpeaks to log your workouts, which notifies your coach immediately to allow for real-time feedback
  • Unlimited adjustments based on on-going review of your progress and to accommodate those last minute changes in your life
  • Unlimited communication through e-mail, text, and phone calls
  • Nutrition advice


 One-on-one or small group training sessions offered:

          • Plyometric training
          • Agility and speed drills
          • Strength sessions
          • Form/Technique analysis
          • TRX Suspension Training
          • Volleyball Skills and Drills
          • Consultations