Testimonials Delivering Results

Alysia was there for me when I needed a plan, when I needed motivation, when I needed an answer, when I needed a kick in the butt, and when I crossed the finish line!

My journey to the finish line of the inaugural Ironman Raleigh 70.3 would not have been possible without Alysia. The plan she put together was masterful, and she was able to adapt it when things hurt too bad or life got in the way. Without her guidance I would not have been able to cross that finish line. Whenever I had a question or needed motivation, she was there. She never gave an inch and was relentless in her drive for me to succeed. She was just what I needed her to be. There are many challenges for beginner triathletes, those of us who have not lived and breathed it forever don’t know things like put your swim workout in a plastic ziplock Baggie or a tri shirt really is necessary for distance races or you need to train with nutrition, not to even mention the complexity of race day nutrition. The list of questions seems endless. Alysia was there to answer these questions and there with answers to things I didn’t even know were questions I should be asking. Her experience is evident and how much she cares about the people she is working with is even more so. Her race day prep was terrific! I have never had races go as smooth as when she was coaching me. You can bet my next milestone of completing a full 140.6 starts with a call to Alysia.
~James Michael

My experience with Alysia as a coach has been nothing short of phenomenal, and is probably one of the best investments I have made for myself.

To put it simply, she can work magic– turning this self-professed “non-runner, non-cyclist, pool-swim only” person into an Ironman 70.3 finisher. Granted, not a fast finisher, but completion nonetheless, and this in the face of unexpected injury, limited training time, and a severe underlying aversion to racing. If that is not magic, then I don’t know what is!

I first learned about the sport of triathlon from Alysia when we worked together in a lab. I was intrigued by the descriptions of her triathlon exploits and very much in admiration of her athletic prowess, yet simultaneously frightened by the demands it could place on time, relationships, health, and sanity. I was also pretty certain that this was something I would never be able to do, even though I secretly wanted to try it out.

HA! Fast forward 3 years….

Through Alysia’s coaching, I discovered an elegant training program that finessed the most out of my limited schedule and time constraints; I received timely and consistent feedback on my training and progress; I was given unsurpassed availability for questions/concerns; I found a consummate professional, a dear friend, and the best coach I could have asked for!

Alysia has a keen understanding of each client’s goals, desires, fears, and limitations…..and she seamlessly takes these into account as she prepares a training plan. Before I knew it, she’d prepared me to exceed my goals, grow my desires, and conquer my fears (open water, busy roads, just can’t run for the life of me!), all the while working through my specific limitations (injury, time, travel). Her consistently gracious support, kind encouragement, and firm training/discipline is the perfect mix for growth and development as a triathlete. I am so thankful for the chance to work with Alysia, and it indeed has been one of the best investments I’ve made.
~Jessica Chia

On my personal board of directors, I think of Alysia as my Chief Fitness Officer, which reflects the level of personal attention and care I get working with her.

I have trained with Alysia for over a year and a half now, primarily working on weight loss and sport-specific training.  In that time I lost 60 pounds, cut over 35 minutes off my previous best half-marathon time, and dropped my golf handicap index from a 9.5 to a 6.2.  I know that sounds funny, but I think it highlights what makes working with Alysia so awesome.  While she has never given me a short game tip (to be fair, I never really asked), she understands that fitness goals are just one part of my life.  Alysia has been amazingly flexible and supportive.  She has provided me a customized program that keeps me moving toward my fitness goals while working around my schedule, the occasional injury, and yes, even golf.
See Rob’s before/after pictures here
~Rob Hallford

She helped me become the athlete I have always wanted to be.

I was really frustrated when I made the decision to ask Alysia to watch me swim. I knew what I should be doing from reading books and talking to other triathletes, but when it came time to talk about lap times during training or race results, I was always slower than average during the swim. So, I finally asked for help.

Once we got to the pool, what I was most surprised about was how quickly she was able to point out (in a friendly and professional way!) the inefficiencies in my stroke. Before we left the first day, she had shared pointers, drills, and advice to help me train until we met again. Having never been with a coach before, I was amazed with not only the amount of knowledge that she shared, but also with how encouraging she was. Our focus wasn’t to tear me down or make me feel bad for the habits I had learned on my own. We talked about the small changes I could make that would make me be faster, use less energy, and be fresher for the last two stages of a triathlon. It was always up to me to put into practice what she recommended, but for the first time I wasn’t guessing what I needed to do. I knew.

Long story short: I got faster… a LOT faster! In the season after I received coaching from Alysia, I delivered the best swim splits of my racing career, moving from the bottom 50% to the top 25% of the field in several races. I no longer feel that depressing feeling of spotting way too many of the later wave’s colored caps passing me in the water. I no longer feel the need to catch my breath after the swim before I head out on the bike. I no longer resent myself for being a “bad swimmer”.

How do I summarize what Alysia did for me? She took away my need to make excuses. She helped me see that with specific instruction, I was getting faster. She helped me become the athlete I have always wanted to be. My heartfelt thanks to an AMAZING coach!
~Adam Ledford

She’ll not only make you a better athlete, but also a better person.

I’ve had quite a few coaches during my life; e.g., swimming, diving, gymnastics, baseball, basketball, football and now a triathlon coach and have played on high school and college championship teams; obviously, had good coaches. Coach Lovgren has been one of if not the best because when she is with you, you feel her dedication and commitment to make you the best you can be. I tried to prepare to do a triathlon without a coach and was swimming, biking and running daily and my performance; e.g., endurance, speed and distance was just not improving. I picked Coach Lovgren, sight unseen, because of her triathlon experience and certifications. She’ll not only make you a better athlete, but also a better person.
~Richard Foy

She understood the challenges I faced as a mom and was great with working within the confines of my dynamic schedule to optimize my performance on race day.

As a stay at home mom of 3 married to a man who travels with work, training for triathlons can be challenging. Throw in a few 12 hour shifts as a RN in a hospital and it can seem almost impossible! However, finding a reputable coach to work with can make everything fall into place and that’s exactly what Alysia Lovgren did for me.
Working with Alysia made life much easier by organizing my training schedule. She understood the challenges I faced as a mom and was great with working within the confines of my dynamic schedule to optimize my performance on race day. Her background as a research scientist was beneficial because she was always on top of the latest research as it related to the field of triathlon. For anyone looking into working with a top notch triathlon coach, I highly recommend Alysia.
~Heather Honnold

Anyone who is fortunate to get coached by Alysia will not be disappointed.

A good friend of mine and I were getting married almost one year apart. We worked with Alysia roughly twice a week for over a year, doing a combination of bootcamps, weight training, TRX, and a wide variety of intense cardio workouts. There were days when neither of us were up for a tough workout, but Alysia’s positive attitude and relentless coaching got us through some of the hardest sessions. My friend and I have pretty different body types, and Alysia found ways to simultaneously cater to both our needs. She was flexible and understanding, often meeting as early as 5 am to drill me in front of the still-closed gym. I have always been a runner, and Alysia made sure that the workouts made be stronger and faster. Some days we would do sprint workouts on the track, combined with endless rounds of stadium steps, and one those days, I recall loving and hating Alysia all at the same time. But that said, by the time my wedding day came around, I felt stronger, healthier, happier, and more confident in general–all of which I attribute to Alysia’s hard work and commitment to my end goals. Anyone who is fortunate to get coached by Alysia will not be disappointed.
~Sejal Penkar

Alysia was and is a huge asset to my training. There’s still much to improve and I’ll continue using her to help me be more efficient.

A friend of mine who is coached by Alysia introduced me to her. He’s a very strong swimmer and had great things to say about her. I’m the type of athlete who– perhaps foolishly– likes to plan my own workouts for the most part but when it came to my swim, I knew I needed some help with my technique. So, I got in touch with Alysia.

Alysia and I had about 3 sessions together and she watched me swim, taught me some drills and then sent me on my way with those drills. No joke, I dropped about 10 seconds off of my 100 splits just as a result of working with her. My workouts weren’t harder, my technique just got better. She helped me break things down and refine what needed attention, which made me more efficient. That lead me to do my first Ironman swim (Coeur d’Alene 2013) with a swim split of 1:11:46.
~Greg Pate

My tennis game has improved greatly due to the conditioning gains I’ve made through training sessions with Alysia.

Working with Alysia has greatly improved my overall conditioning—which has in turn improved my tennis game—the real end goal. I have a quicker first step, more endurance on the court and confidence in my abilities that comes from knowing and feeling my strength and balance. She is very adept at both assessing what’s needed and keeping the workouts engaging and challenging. Alysia is a great motivator and excels at explaining the whats and whys of the workout. Since improving my overall conditioning under Alysia’s tutelage I’ve been able to remain mostly injury free on the courts. As a 60 year old athlete, that’s an important claim to make!
~Lauri Millar

Coming in first place is fun with Coach Alysia!

Coach Alysia changed my life by teaching me how to have a more aggressive mindset, how to ride a road bike with confidence, and helping me set and meet my triathlon goals. Coming in first place is fun with Coach Alysia!
~Zoe, Age 10

She has a good understanding of her clients, both what their skills are and where their potential lies as well.

Sending my kids out on the road to practice cycling without me can be nerve-wracking, but I was never worried when Coach Alysia was training my kids. She has a good understanding of her clients, both what their skills are and where their potential lies as well. She knows how to push the kids she trains to a point where they feel successful and impressed with themselves — and on days when kids are tired or not so into it, she still can get them moving with her great personality and her ability to stay positive. Coach Alysia is inspiring on so many levels; my daughter, as a result of working out hard with Coach Alysia, is now expanding her sports horizons by playing on a volleyball team! We figure any kind of exercise can be great training for young kids who want to be triathletes.

Alysia’s positive attitude and warm smile welcome any child into the world of triathlon. Her experience both in her own racing as well as youth team coaching makes her a perfect fit for children who want to take their sport to the next level. She knows how to plan workouts that meet the needs of individual athletes, and is flexible when adjustments are necessary. Her investment in her athletes shows when she is found cheering for her athletes at races, side by side with the parents. Alysia is a reliable and energetic coach; everyone should be so lucky as to have had her work with their children!
~Laura, Mom of 4 youth triathletes

As an amateur triathlete, my swim and run times dropped dramatically after a few months of sessions with Alysia.

A few years ago, I took up triathlon as a way to improve my cardiovascular health and strength—and because it’s fun. I had never learned proper swimming or running technique, so I signed up for sessions with Alysia. After just three swim sessions, I dropped 5 seconds on my 100 yard freestyle, which is a sort of benchmark I use to track my own progress. After a few more months of training, I noticed dramatic improvements in my power and speed during the swim portion of races. In particular, she helped me clean up a number of technical aspects of my stroke, including better rotation and balance, reduced cross-over, greatly improved high elbow catch, and superior breathing technique.

The improvement in my running was even more dramatic. Alysia made fundamental changes to my form: body position and “lean,” arm/elbow position and motion, foot placement, raising my knees properly. I typically race a maximum of 5k (as part of a sprint triathlon or a stand-alone road race), and my one mile split went from 8½ minutes to 7½. For an amateur who had never run competitively until the age of 38, this represents a huge improvement.
~Scott Windham